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My Bread Has Molds, Can I still Eat It?

The other day I was having (in my mind) a healthy breakfast of two slices of wheat bread one with tuna spread and the other piece with dark chocolate filling. I finished the first slice with dark chocolate, but after a few bites on the second one I noticed a different taste. I immediately went to the kitchen to check the bread. At first glance it looked okay, plus I thought, the bread was only on its third day. But when I removed the slices from the plastic wrapper, I was shocked to see some molds to have grown on it.

I realized, I just ingested some molds into my system! It reminded me of a lesson I learned from my doctor researcher language student. He said molds can grow on almost anything and that some species are very dangerous and can cause cancer. Even as a nurse this was a new lesson for me, so I am sharing it with you. Here are other important things I remember from what he told me:

  • There are thousands of molds.
  • Some molds are good and some molds are bad.
  • Molds replicate fast in humid and moist areas.
  • Never eat bread or any food stuff where molds have grown.
  • Bread should be eaten within 3 days.

Very simple principles that we often forget or ignore. In fact, there are some myths that even I believed to be true. The most common mistake is that bread with molds can still be eaten as long as you remove the part with visible growth it.

Based on the principles I learned here are my insights:

  1. Since we are not experts on molds, it is safer not to eat any food or food product where molds have already grown. As a personal choice I would include hard foods on my list.
  2. Although there are good molds, we cannot afford the risk of stomach upset, food poisoning or cancer.
  3. Food or food products should be consumed within 3 days after purchase. If you want them to last longer, put them in the freezer.
  4. Leftover food should be re-heated and consumed the next day or within 24 hours.

This is a hard lesson for me because although I made sure my bread was still within the 3-day prescribed period, the molds have outgrown it. So, it is best to closely examine the food we eat before we put it in our mouths.

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