Success in The Workplace

Fruitfulness in the Workplace


Did you know that in a report by Gallup, a polling organization in Washington D.C. only 13% of employees around the world are engaged in their jobs?

The “State of the Global Workplace Report 2013” by Gallup reported: “Currently, 13% of employees across 142 countries worldwide are engaged in their jobs — that is, they are emotionally invested in and focused on creating value for their organizations every day.” This leaves a massive 87% of the people in the workplace who are unhappy, dissatisfied and fruitless.

In a separate report by Forbes, “engaged” people in the workplace are described as employees with a strong sense of passion for their work, driven by innovation, fueled by moving the company forward and inspired by a deep connection to the company.

Tired of doing things over and over again?

Are you seeing yourself as part of the 87% or 13%? If you have been working for a long time and have been asking yourself lately: “Why am I going around in circles and not achieving anything?” Then perhaps it’s time to make some radical adjustments if you want some change in your life.

In the same report, Gallup suggested 3 ways on how to engage people in the workplace by: 1. Selecting the right people, 2. Developing employees’ strengths and, 3. Enhancing employees’ well-being. Taking it from there, ask the right questions: “Did my company hire me as the right person for this job?” “Is my company taking time to make good use of my strengths?” and “Is my company concerned of my overall well-being?”

These questions are from the perspective of the company, but did you know that you can take this and make it your personal goal whether your company is doing it or not? You can decide today to upgrade yourself by asking more personal questions like: “Am I the right person for this job?” If you are, then maybe all you need to do is level up your working ballgame. Take the extra mile and learn new and better ways of doing things. But, if your answer is no, then maybe it is time to seriously re-consider your options.

Next, ask: “Am I using my strengths to the fullest?” Be proactive and explore your strengths and talents. Do not rest and be comfortable with what you have known 2 or 3 years ago because with the past-paced technology these days, what you knew 6 months ago may now be obsolete. Regularly update your knowledge and skill-set even if it is not your company’s priority. And watch out for every opportunity where you can learn and grow.

Lastly, “Am I taking time to nurture my overall well-being?” Passion for work, deep connections and fuel for inspiration do not just come by. It takes time and effort to develop them. In fact, this is the core element that will help you achieve the other two.

Passion, connections, inspiration, fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness are all intangible words that cannot be measured yet can be strongly felt. It involves emotions, thoughts, perceptions and willpower, which are all part of the soul care that you need.

Personally, here are my personal insights about being fruitful not just in the workplace but, in all areas of life:

Build yourself in knowledge and wisdom. Educate yourself and never stop learning new things. Do not rest on your past achievements. Get wisdom! This is different from intellect. Intellect is of the mind, while wisdom is from the spirit and it can only come from God.

Be wise, my child, and make my heart glad. Proverbs 27:11

Own the business. Protect the interest and clients of your company. Work as if you are the president or CEO of your own corporation. It doesn’t matter for now if you are treated or compensated fairly. Do your work as if you are doing it for the Lord. In the end, all your efforts will earn you a good reputation.

As workers who tend a fig tree are allowed to eat the fruit, so workers who protect their employer’s interests will be rewarded. Proverbs 27:18

Lastly, treat yourself well. Make soul care a part of your routine. Make time for your favorite sports or hobby. Meet friends regularly for an afternoon chat. After all, laughter is still the best medicine. Go on a leisurely travel that you you have always wanted to. By taking care of yourself, you recreate a better version of you – making you fruitful in everything that you do.

And you will have enough goats’ milk for yourself, your family, and your servant girls. Proverbs 27: 27

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